The Host


Vin Blaine

Equipped with over 30 years of experience in football coaching, Vin Blaine serves as the Director of Football and Coaching Education with the US Virgin Islands Soccer Association. During his massive career, Vin previously held the title of Technical Director with not only the Jamaica Football Federation but also the Grenada Football Association as well. At the same time, he also served as a FIFA and CONCACAF Coach Educator, which allowed him 10 years of teaching courses across the Caribbean. Then joining the Jamaica Football Federation Coaching School, he served as a Lead Coach Educator, where it was his responsibility to develop the manual for the course's Technical Modules. As he built up an array of skills, at one point in his career, he had the honor of being in charge of the Jamaica Football Federation’s Female Football Programme. In this role for a decade, he was able to use his dedicated coaching experience to guide the Senior Reggae Girlz football team in qualifying for the 2008 Pan American Games. At the National level, he has even coached Jamaica Beach Football, Futsal and other Female Teams. Alongside this, coaching at Harbour View Football Club and his previous accomplishments, during his 30-year career, Vin has been the only coach in Jamaican football history to lead his teams to winning victories at both the Women’s Premier League and the Men’s Premier League Competitions.